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Iron - Steel

Iron - Steel Iron - Steel Demir Çelik Vinçleri Demir Çelik Vinçleri

Iron - Steel

Iron-Steel sector has an important position in global market. So, it is one of the leading sector for our firm. 

Bvs Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry realizes their products in direction of supplies and demands of the sector by closely following the technologies with high technical knowledge and experience in iron-steel sector.

Dynamic structure of our firm and flexible production bring successful manufacture process with it. Strategic advantages are ensured in national and international projects with our studies focused on value-added high production in international standards. 

“BVS BÜLBÜLOĞLU signature in big sector investments” 

MMK Metalürji A.Ş. which is one of the leading the leader flat product manufacturing factoryies of Turkey has chosen BVS quality in production of more than 150 cranes.

Our firm having firstly realized it in Turkey, has completed design and manufacturing processes of casting crane of 500 tons and ladle cranes of 400 tones and charging crane with 335 tons and various significant design and manufacturing processes. All engineering studies have been designed by Turkish engineers in our company.  

Also, within the factory project in iron and steel sector in Iran, manufactures of 8 cranes have been completed with crane with capacity of 250 tons have been completed. Besides, our firm continues to manufacture cranes for all leader establishments in our country such as Asil Çelik, Karabük Demir Çelik, Çolakoğlu, Kroman, İçdaş, İsdemir, Erdemir, Tosçelik, CVS Makine, Koç Çelik.

Iron - Steel Iron - Steel Iron - Steel Iron - Steel
Iron - Steel Iron - Steel Iron - Steel Iron - Steel

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