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Spare Parts

Spare Parts Spare Parts

Spare Parts

BVSBülbüloğlu Crane Industry guarantees the provision of every part of all cranes it produces. Our After-Sale Service Department works intensely in order to present spare parts and good price to our customers. Our storage of spare parts is in our ANKARA factory. 
It is strongly recommended to use original parts in cranes. Using original spare parts and suitable accessories in maintenance and repair services prolongs the life of cranes. Also, it is important for the validity of guarantee term and working efficiency. In some times, exchanging a part is more suitable than repairing it. Major malfunctions to arouse in the future are prevented in this way. 


Owing to the BVS Efficient Stock Management, maximum spare parts stock capacity is calculated and continuous supply is provided. In this way, we are able to respond to malfunctions and demands in a shorter time.

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