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Periodical Control

Periodical Control BVS Vinç Otomotiv Periyodik Bakım


  With over 30 years of experience, technical infrastructure and strong staff, as Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry, we offer periodic maintenance and control services to meet all the expectations of you, our valued customers.
For the long life time, efficient and safe operation of cranes; they require daily, weekly, monthly and annual maintenance. It is possible for daily and weekly controls and maintenance to be carried out by the user companies. The maintenance and controls to be carried out quarterly 4 times a year must be carried out by qualified expert companies and individuals.

With our expert and qualified technical staff, as Bülbüloğlu Cranes we offer service to all cranes, BVS brand in particular. During this periodic maintenance that must be carried out 4 times a year, the technical specifications, spare parts used, and operations carried out at are recorded for all cranes. Thus, the tracking of maintained cranes is ensured.

Maintenance and Control Classes

  • Preventive Maintenance, is maintenance carried out prior to a fault occurring. With this maintenance, the minimizing of risks on a crane or their elimination is provided.

  • Routine Maintenance/Fault, is the daily and immediate maintenance for cranes to operate continuously.

  • Planned Maintenance: Is maintenance covering detailed and heavy interventions carried out at determined periods with annual maintenance agreements. It is recommended that maintenance to be carried out within the plan should be carried out in 3 monthly periods 4 times a year. Thus the monitoring of cranes increases along with their useful life.

Periyodik Bakım BVS Periyodik Bakım BVS Periyodik Bakım BVS Periyodik Bakım BVS

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