Periodical Control

Periodical Control

Periodical Control And Maintenance 

Why maintenance is needed?
Maintenance is the future of your investment.
Maintenance prolongs the life of material. 
Maintenance is Occupational Safety. Strong product provides safe working. 
Maintenance ensures correct performance in time. Efficiently-working crane increases production quality. It reduces the cost and increases share rate and provides satisfaction. 

As BVS Bülbüloğlu Crane Industry, we make Periodical Control and Maintenance Contracts with our many customers. Preventive Maintenance is the intervention carried out before malfunction. In this approach, maintenance is carried out when the crane is not broken and working. The call when the crane is stopped, causes time loss since it shall take time for the service team to arrive at the field and spare parts and intervention to be supplied. Periodical maintenances shorten the stand-by periods. Periodical Maintenance dates are set in accordance with stand-by time to be determined by you, our honourable customers. 

It is suitable to make periodical maintenances in minimum once in 3 months and 4 times in a year. 

After of before the maintenance contract, survey is carried out according to the demand of the customer and then, periodical maintenance is provided. 

Static and dynamic load tests are carried out in compliance including test load supply and standards in accordance with the field conditions. 

In order to minimize malfunctions and occupational accidents, training of crane use is given and information is carried out in terms of maintenance. 


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