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BVS - BÜLBÜLOĞLU CRANE INDUSTRY, which was established in 1986, has been in production for over two decades and acts as one of the leading companies in its sector in Turkey with the power and confidence from its customers.

BVS’ passion for industry which began in a small workshop, currently provides service to the Turkish Industry with its 350 employee, production plants of 26000 sq m closed area, sales offices in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir , franchisers on a national scale, co-operation with trade marks of the sector famous throughout the world and now without any doubt is the biggest company in the Turkish crane sector.

For years, BVS manufactures high capacity handling and lifting equipment being one of the biggest manufacturers in Turkey. The cranes manufactured by BVS are in service of both public and private sector as well as many important contractor companies to be used outside Turkey. BVS also exports its products outside Turkey to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Afghanistan, the United Arabic Emirates, Palestine, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Jordan, the Turkish Republics, Russia, Romania, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Albania, Portugal, Israel and as the first in Turkey to the United States of America. BVS cranes are still operating in more than 30 countries around the world.


As BVS workers and managerial staff, our first objective is to give the highest quality  product and to deliver service to customers on time. As a result of this quality policy, BVS is certified with EN ISO 9001:2000, TÜV and CE certificates by TÜV, and our management system has also been certified by TÜV management service according to EN ISO 9001:2000 . Furthermore BVS has “DIN EN ISO 3834-2” Welding Quality Conformity Certificate, “OHSAS 18001” Occupational Health& Safety Management System Certificate, "ISO 14001:2004" Environmental Management System Certificate, "GOST-R" Russia Certificate of Conformity and" ROSTEKHNADZOR (RTN) Russia Permit to use Certificate.

BVS cranes have obtained the quality certificate of Turkish Standards Institute prepared according to DIN & FEM norms.

 Our company continues to manufacture the following products:

·         Standard Electrical Wire Rope Hoists

·         Double girder overhead travelling cranes

·         Single girder overhead travelling cranes

·         Double girder gantry cranes

·         Single girder gantry cranes

·         Jib cranes

.         Process Cranes

·         Heavy tonnage and ex-proof cranes

·         Steel Construction buildings

All after-sales service, such as maintenance and supplying of spare parts is done from our factory in Sincan with a strong maintenance and service team.

BVS is continuously improving its product range parallel to the improvement in technology. We manufacture all our products using computer aided design techniques. All designs of products belong to our own design group on the basis of research and development principles.


We are ready to meet your needs based on our fundamental principles implemented since the establishment of our company and with the pride we take in our work.

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